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Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus


Designed for patients. Designed for carers.

Their comfort

  • 3 adjustable depth settings to suit skin thickness for optimal lancing with minimal pain
  • Precision manufactured, 3-facet needle designed for smooth skin penetration with no tearing injury
  • High speed needle propulsion completes lancing within just 3 milliseconds

Your convenience

  • One size fits all – specially designed construction, adjustable 3 depth settings
  • Suitable for thick or thin skin, small or large blood volume requirements, adults and children
  • Saves time – no fussy lancet selection or storage issues
  • Undamaged by shaking, vibrations or dropping from 1m height

Their hygiene assured

  • Designed for single use, no cross contamination
  • Each depth setting is ‘clicked’ into place and cannot slip out of position once selected
  • Needle tip lies deep inside casing – injury not possible with correct use
  • Automatic needle retraction after use eliminates risk of injury and cross contamination

Your hygiene assured

  • Needle safely enclosed before and after skin penetration
  • Needle tip lies deep inside casing – finger stick injury not possible with correct use
  • Automatic, permanent needle retraction after use for fast and easy disposal
  • Trigger button resistance – firm pressure required for needle to penetrate skin – prevents accidental needle fire



Specifications for device

  • Single use only
  • 3 Penetration Depth Setting:
    • Low (short marking) – 1.3mm
    • Medium (middle marking) – 1.8mm
    • High depth (long marking) – 2.3mm
  • 3-facet lancet
  • Automatic, permanent needle retraction after use
  • Trigger button resistance – firm pressure required for activation


How to Use

Simple 3 step testing

View handling guide

1. Twist off sterility cap

Comfortable and secure fit between fingers, right or left-handed.

2. Depth adjuster pre-set at medium.


3. Turn to click-set depth required.

Three penetration depths easy to identify with short, medium or long markings.



4. New lancet – trigger button high.
Used lancet – trigger button low

Firm depression of purple trigger button activates lancet device.

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